Fashion With A Cause

Our passion for charity is what drives Carry Your Cause.

Carry Your Cause started as an idea in 2011 by Husband and Wife, Ricky & Cassie Ardito. We wanted to connect with customers who have a heart for changing the world, and would carry a backpack or purse and help us tell our story.  We have always felt the need to align with organizations that not only work to solve big problems, but also use the money that they are given efficiently and appropriately.  That is why we very carefully choose the charities that we like to support.  While there are many charities whose big names might help increase our brand awareness, it is more important to us that we are supporting organizations that make the most of their received contributions.

We decided early on that we didn’t want to simply donate some of our earnings at the end of each year or whenever it felt convenient.  That is why we donate a set portion of every item we sell to the causes that our customers choose to support.  Every single item purchased allows us to donate between five and ten dollars to these causes. We know that our customers value the work these organizations are doing, and Carry Your Cause is our vehicle for supporting them in a bigger way than we could have previously imagined.  Thank you for joining us in this journey, and for believing that we can make a real difference.

-Ricky, Cassie, Reagan & Rocco